Sunday, 19 January 2014

Out to the tent

It has been a rather frustrating week with Bella on a lead, neither of us getting what we want but nothing to be done about it. Today I decided I would walk out the ski-do trail by the shore past all the houses. Then I could let her go - she'd stay with me. And I wanted to see if I could meet my friends Robin and Liz coming back from spending the night in a Labrador-style tent that has been set up just off the trail in the wood.
Yes! I saw them miles away - slogging along. Robin with a heavy back-pack and Liz pushing a sled. By the time I saw them I had let Bella off and she charged to them - but couldn't quite decide if she knew them so would run back and forth between us. Finally she realized it was her good buddies and excitedly greeted them.

In this photo, Robin and Liz are two tiny dots  at the forest line about half and a bit across.

Here they are a bit closer - as you can see - a gorgeous day, cold -25 or colder but still and everything frosted with snow.

I met up with another gal named Flo and her two dogs - Mona and Mojo and we decided to find the tent as neither of us had ever been. The dogs were a snarling pack of ninnys but we decided they could work it out and wear themselves out at the same time. And so they did.

 Look at what I saw!

we could tell which way to go in the woods by the snow-shoe and sled tracks.

Here is the tent - see the pipe coming out? we unzipped and went in, dogs and all, still warm from Robin and Liz's fire and the smell of the spruce boughs on the ground was intoxicating. How I long to spend a night there. Will I be able to convince the fella? Who knows.

this is a pretty crappy picture but it is of the firebox and you can see a bit of a low shelf with tea fixings on it and the boughs that make up the floor.

here is the light coming through the canvas...oh I want to be there!
 the frying pan hanging outside which the dogs all gave a good lick to! Bacon?

the tent nestled into the trees

the dogs run ahead of us coming out of the woods to the shoreline.

Flo and bits of dogs snurfing through the snow...

 and home I go ...


  1. How envious I am of your chance to stop and look around you. Love the tent and particularly the shot of the the dogs exiting the forest, from dark to light. Every weekday morning I now click quickly to check out your blog, to see the current adventure and shift in weather of your northern home. Watching Ron's SPCA go up and the happy faces of the builders. xo

  2. Jan - I absolutely love those 'photos! And it sounds as though you had a great time. I admit I"m not sure I'd want to live in a tent like that, but I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Kath -we need to get talking re: the project! I might phone you on the telly-phone!
    Margot - no one lives in a tent like this but trappers would have both tilts and perhaps a couple of tents along their traplines so they'd be able to travel up and down them. I shouldn't say no one lives in them as Innu (the local aboriginal tribe) have and do still (some of them) live in them year round. It is heavy hauling such a tent around - the canvas, especially when wet, can weigh a lot for a canoe or toboggan. The joy of spending a night in them would be the contrast to our safe, warm, comfy houses I imagine! And the smell - so delicious.

    1. Call, or send your phone number up there. I am out to a class around 2ish today but home all day tomorrow. I was thinking of calling as my letter writing is procrastinating.