Monday, 13 January 2014

After a storm

The sky is beginning to blue up, the wind quiet down. The storm left this area sometime with the sun yesterday. The sun came back without her pal - sort of shy earlier but now warming up to being here. The beach is gone and so is the bay - one big expanse of snow - the dog has also gone - she went out with me earlier and realized I wasn't good for as long as she needed so while I scrambled over mountains of snow she snaked off down the road to visit friends or other people's compost piles.
ah well.

Here it is - today's perceptions for you all. Including an ecstatic Bella running towards me at full gallop.

This one is the end of the road or actually where the road turns onto the beach - how we went today as our yard was impassable by me...

 here she is a dot in space!

I'm lying on the snow and she is on top of me!

our house from the driveway - the mound of snow to the right is where we usually go to the beach!

more kale for you kale lovers....

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  1. Jan - Oh, Bella seems to so enjoy being in the snow. I love how full of life she is. That one of her racing across the snow is priceless.