Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Breathing in and out

As we follow the tracks of a snowmobile we are invited further and further out the bay. Bella runs as far as we've walked and back and then out even further, looking back to see why I don't follow at her pace.

 the trees at the edge of the properties hold warm air around them so when I come back from the frozen ocean I feel the air like warm breath.

I like the subtleties at the horizon, the blue blush of warmth as the mountains exhale, the island standing firm, not really an island in this season.

Bella has no time for portrait sitting, there is simply too much to inhale, to romp through, to experience with every one of her senses.

Here, once again, I'm struck by how I could imagine the ice was the blue of the sea and the skies look tropical to me on this frigid day.

 grass gestures in snow
describing how the wind moves
I, a slow reader.

We march out the bay gaily and turn into the wind to come home, not as much fun.

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  1. Jan - Bella seems to be in her element! And I love the subtleties of light and shade that there are in these 'photos. YOu have to pay attention to them, but they're most definitely there.