Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dreaming in Black and White

A Sunday with a blizzard is oddly comforting. I know that is because I believe in some sort of magic - like we will get so many blizzards a year so having them when no one has to be on the road is good. It is warm, power on, internet sketchy but that has nothing to do with the weather (please do not ask or you will be horrified at how your friend has become the latest to believe in a crazy conspiracy theory). The man baked bread, I'm reading a good if limited thriller - limited in its ability to surprise me that is - all good. I went as far as the fence after writing my letter. Even Bella is happy to stay inside. Last time I shooed her out she really didn't leave the porch though she seems to think she is a husky - able to curl up in the snow and stay warm. Ah well, I think I'm a cowgirl and so it goes.

I will share the few pictures I took on my short walk to the fence and the ones I took inside. I do have to go out in a few minutes - down to the post office to mail my daily letter. It doesn't matter that no one will be there until tomorrow and it will be a terrible slog. It is my practice and I will do it. Stubborn adherence to rules that I made up - as if I were the General and the Troops too.

Somehow this photo of our canoe makes me feel quite wistful. Not sure why...

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  1. Jan - Oh, that is some blizzard. I don't blame you for staying inside. Still, I have to say I miss snow. I miss real weather with a personality. It's....elemental when people have to find ways to adapt to changes in weather I think.