Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Grace in Small Things #3

1. My coffee warms me thrice. Considering it. Holding the cup of it in my hands. Feeling it slip down my throat.

2. Two new pals are coming for dinner tonight. I stayed up late to make Arroz con Pollo for them. It smells delicious and the recipe connects me back to one of my oldest pals, who I got to think of while making it, as we have done so many times over the past 40 years.

3. I am going to help the Buffalo Riders (grade 5s) make medicine bags today.

4. The yellow leaves of the turning trees make every view even more delightful. Medicine for the heart.


  1. Foliage season is my absolute favourite, Jan! I adore it. And there's nothing like the comfort of a hot/warm cup of coffee...

  2. What a beautiful image.

    My coffee did that to me this morning.

  3. I think we neglect the small things way too often, and then get overwhelmed. They're where we find serenity, peace, rest. Lovely photo.

  4. Stunning pictures. They warm MY heart!

  5. Yes, agree. Small things do keep us rooted in reality.

  6. Nailed. Me and coffee.

    Lovely pic.