Monday, 26 October 2015

Grace in Small Things #4

1. A picnic at the Halifax Airport with my bestest pals. On a four hour layover I was taken to a observing deck where we had smoked salmon, delicious cheeses, baguette, florentines, bubbly, and best of all - great huge helpings of good conversation, hugs, and kisses.

2. When my daughter-in-law was trying to get my youngest grandchild's onesie on he yelled out beseechingly "Meemaw!" (his name for me).

3. Is this a small thing? No. However. We got out country back - we got our country back. I can't stop being so grateful for that.

4. Last night I knit and watched a silly show with my fella. I love that.

5. Crows.


  1. I loved seeing your pics from your visit--friends and the grandbaby... loved it. And YES, Canada did well with this election. Let's hope the US can follow suit this time next year.

  2. How exciting that your grandbaby is using your name - I love it! And those little things, like watching a silly movie, can make all the difference. So can picnics.

  3. Lovely post, thank you. You reminded me of when my granddaughter was about 3 and my daughter took leave of us on some kind of errand and my gdaughter looked at the back of her mother and then looked up at me and rolled her eyes and said: "Off she goes, staring and dawdling!". I still laugh out loud when I think of it.
    And oh my we got out country back, us peasant revolted and very well too.


  4. Smoked salmon is always wonderful to me. Crows? They can be interesting.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. I'm not a Liberal voter and I definitely never vote for what I consider a right-wing party like the Conservatives, but I literally jumped for joy when Trudeau got in. Huge improvement over the government we'd been suffering for so long.

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