Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Grace in Small Things #2

Where I found grace in the past while:
1. Making a new dolly.  So utterly satisfying when I was stuffing the little limbs. I don't know why, but it is.

2. Watching Bill Cunningham, New York on netflix. This octogenarian cool hunter is such a lovely, enlightened being. Watch it.

3. Making a kale dish that everyone went yum yum for by transforming a Canadian Living recipe from swiss chard. Who doesn't like frazzled onions?

4. the sun coming up all rosy and pearly over the bay this morning. I never get tired of that.


  1. I love the dolly. Made a note of Bill Cunningham. What a cheering place your blog is :)


    1. Thanks my deario! Truthfully, that film on Bill kept me from going to a very dark place a few weeks back. Lovely human.

  2. You are so very talented, Jan!!! I love that dolly!

  3. I used to make lots of dollies but now just one in a blue moon (or in this case a blood moon I guess!). this is based on a design by Mimi Kirchner - doll maker extraordinaire! Here is her address - http://mimikirchner.com/blog/patterns/

  4. My friend had made a doll that looked like Frida Kahlo and I loved it. After my mom passed away, I asked my friend to make a doll with Mom's physical characteristics. It's something that, while others may find it a bit creepy, I find heartwarming to hold tightly to my bosom upon occasion and think of Mom with affection and longing. Is that weird? I don't think so, and don't care if it is.