Thursday, 24 September 2015

Grace in Small Things #1

I just joined a movement. It is the movement to notice what is working instead of what isn't. Or that's how I see it. The campaign I just joined is called Grace in Small Things and this will be my inaugural post. Here is a link to the community GIST. I have agreed to not much which is about my speed these days. I've agreed to post,  whenever I feel so moved, a list of things that gave me a moment of grace. From this time on I won't give a big to do about it - just a posting of things...

Here goes -

1. When we turn the heat on in the kitchen it comes up under the padded bench. I love to sit there in the morning, drinking my coffee, and reading my book. Sometimes the gal, Bella, joins me.

2. My sweet patootie drives me to work because he knows my joints are giving me a hard time right now. He never makes me feel bad to ask.

3. My discipline is strong right now and it gives me so much joy to know that I am keeping my promises to myself - an hour of writing every day (more on weekends), a half to full hour of meditating (more on weekends), drawing at least four times a week.

4. Fall apples - eating and drawing.


  1. I love that attitude of being aware of what is good and what works! What a difference it makes in terms of the way we look at life. Thanks, Jan! And hello, Bella! :-)

  2. I love the rhythm of discipline when it happens. I hope it's contagious :)

  3. Ansa says woof to Bella.

    And I say thanks for this post and I'll attempt to do the same :)