Tuesday, 9 September 2014


     Walking is my passion, my practice and my medicine. It never fails to bring to a better place than when I started - perhaps not always cheerful, but usually peaceful and energized. The combination of moving my body through a pleasing environment and letting my mind both settle and stretch is the magic potion.

Today I walked down the beach, through the woods and out to first and then second beach. The air was ever so slightly brisk, a small breeze invigorated the leaves on the trees, and I could hear and see small birds moving through the branches, looking for seeds and bugs.

On the beach I sketched for awhile, went to use my camera and found the battery dead (at least that's what I am hoping is the problem) and sat peacefully. This confuses the dog - Bella likes to be doing, doing, doing. She dug a hole or two and looked to see if there were any Nanascaries to chase, but no. Just the lapping waves and some gulls far out. After awhile we wandered back. I put her on the lead before we came back out of the woods as she went AWOL yesterday for a bit. I found her on the porch looking extremely sheepish when I came back from volunteering at the library.

Here are some photos of where I walked (taken in the last few days)

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  1. Jan - There's something about walking that really does heal the spirit isn't there? I think it's just getting closer to nature - to the earth. Those 'photos are beautiful!