Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mid-September at the beach

What is the mid-september holiday? Oh, there isn't one? Shall we make one up then? Good. Let's. I think Early Lull - leaves haven't quite turned but it could snow - I felt like going in the water but knew I wouldn't. The dog was chasing the yellow-legs long and long but they didn't seem concerned. They'd take her way out down the beach and then circle back. She got as close to worn out as she is going to, which is not at all. I drew. I'm practicing sketching her - grabbing just the bits I can grab before she dashes off. I take something to put down on the driftwood where I sit as the evenings have been rainy. Today is blissfully lovely - warm, sunny and the sort of light the French impressionists would have died for.

Here are some photos taken the last few days -


  1. I've always thought September was such a lovely time of year. And these 'photos are gorgeous. Looks like Bella really enjoys being out and about.

  2. The photos are wonderful and the location is enviable. I'll bet things aren't as warm there as they've been in Los Angeles of late. We've had some scorching days with record breaking temperatures.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Hi Margot and Lee, it isn't that warm today - around 4 degrees Celsius- guess that is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But warm enough for a spendiferous walk with the gal...