Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The fresh start promise of September

Don't you feel it? Long before New Year's Eve became a big deal in life, the start of the new year was September - 12 or more years of school locked that into my psyche. How about you? Today I had enormous plans - write for hours, walk for hours, draw for hours, and so on...but then I remembered I didn't have to do the whole year in one day.

I wrote a letter to one of my grand-kids, and then packed up a little bag with breakfast items (nuts, cherry tomatoes and an apple), a sketch pad and some pencils, and off we went. I wanted to walk to second beach and finally have a picnic there, as I've had so many imaginary ones. We went down this beach and into the woods and out the other side to first beach, then around a bush and onto second beach, but lo, and behold, there was a man and a dog there! We chatted amicably - nice fella, undoubtedly related to the fella, and nice dog - not his - a borrowed white husky named Sophie. Sophie and Bella played for awhile while we chatted and then it was time to carry on. I just couldn't plunk myself down right in view and start eating and sketching. So I pretended that I intended to go on, through the woods again to third beach. And so I did.

There we did stop and I had my crazy breakfast and the dog chased little birds and dug a huge hole in the beach while I sketched. It was very very nice. But I was so long that my whole routine - ON THE FIRST DAY - went klapoooie.  So now I'm back, had a bit of lunch (egg, kale, onion, tomato, garlic and fresh sprouts) and after I write here and on the writing blog, I will commence to writing, or revising as it is really.

Here are some photos of our walk...


  1. Jan - Couldn't agree more about that 'September effect.' I feel it too. I really do! And thanks for sharing those gorgeous 'photos! What a lovely lady Miss Bella is!

  2. September has a different effect on us here in South Africa. Spring is sprung! Gardens are looking beautiful ... and I can't wait to get down to the beach again ...
    Beautiful photos (pens pencils stuck in the sand).. nice breakfast ... lovely everything! Have a great weekend.