Saturday, 24 May 2014

Since last I posted...

I went to town with the gals to have a nice seafood dinner.

I went to a shed party and listened to wondrous musicians play their hearts out while sipping home-made wine out of plastic cups.

I saw a bear.

I       saw       a        bear.

The ice has all crunched up on the beach after looking like it was gone. A wind from the north gathered up all the ice and shoved it to our end of the bay. Yep.

I saw a bear.

I was in the truck and we were driving to town to get groceries, visit Ruby - just a Saturday trip and there it was.

Here it is. I always take my camera in case I SEE A BEAR! Isn't he so lovely? Not too big, maybe up to my hip and in very good condition for a spring bear says the fella. Nice coat and not too skinny. I think he has a den there at the side of the road. I am so lucky!


  1. That is incredible, Jan! Wow! And you got a great shot of it too.

  2. I got several but this is the best. I put it in the cheezy polaroid mode as I thought that would suit it.