Sunday, 18 May 2014

Along the Shore

The fella, dog and I went along the shore yesterday as far as we could. A few times we dipped onto the wooded trail if the shore was too mucky but mostly that is where we were.

We saw two goose hunters - one hidden on the shore that Bella barked her head off at and one out in a canoe painted white with a little shield of white wood on it so the guy could sneak up to the geese lounging around on ice floes. See him all dressed in white - this is hard work I understand.

 Don't think either had any luck. The fella in the boat ruining it for the fella on shore and so on... ah well. Score one for the geese.

We also came across some candle ice which I will leave a photo of but certainly can't explain. Bella found it first - it looks just like yellowing ice which there is plenty of but when you touch it it opens revealing all the crystalline forms. Amazing really.  Here is what wikipedia says
Candle ice is a form of rotten ice that develops in columns perpendicular to the surface of a lake.Candle ice makes a clinking sound when the "candles" are broken apart and floating in the water, bumping up against each other.
Here are some photos - 

We also had a lovely boil-up - I went to fetch water via the trail while the fella made a fire down on the beach.

We came home - five hours after setting out ready to lie about - this being the most exercise either have us have gotten in the two weeks of having the dreaded lurgy - which still lingers but there!

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  1. Jan - What a lovely walk! And I'd never really seen candle ice before; those 'photos are astounding. I love the way a person can have an adventure just by taking a walk. All it needs is to pay attention and drink it in.