Tuesday, 13 May 2014

out to second beach

I cannot express properly the joy of being able to mosey down the shore. Today it was just me and the pooch as my pal Robin had something she had to attend to. I went down the beach road which is now completely sand after months and months of being completely snow.
As we walked around I could hear various noises - tinkling like glass or the odd thump or groan. It is the ice breaking up! So thrilling.

We went along the bit of shore that has houses on it, past the entrance to Tranquility Trail and all the way to Second Beach where we had our picnic. Someday I must actually take a picnic to have there. A thermos of tea, an apple and a nice sandwich. Yes. At any rate I lay down on the beach grass and looked at the trees upside down.

 Bella jumped on me and licked my ear and then jumped off the grassy verge onto the beach and then hared out onto the ice and found a spot where she could get into the water and run up a crack in the ice. Great fun!

I watched companionably and then we came back.
I didn't nab her quick enough before we got to the first house so she roused all the huskies chained up there into a thunderous lament and finally I wooed her with a stick and put her leash on.

Back to the house and now to this.
After I'm finished my posts I will start on my next poem for this series I'm doing. Want to have twelve done before we go so need to get onto it.

this is where I sit at Second Beach and have my 'air' picnic.


  1. Jan - There is just something so healing in walking along the shore. And Bella looks as though she's having a great time!

  2. Bella is really bella :). And your spiaggia is beautiful too!