Monday, 13 July 2015

I want to be awake

I want to be awake to my world - whatever it is. I want to notice the little bird that just landed on my window sill - is it a Northern Paralu? It might be...but right now I just want to see it. I want to hear the voices of the families and staff as they get ready to set off to Nutshimit  (the land-based portion of the time they spend at the treatment centre where I work). I want to touch the velvety face of the baby who is here, and smell the Twin-Flowers in our woodland yard. I want to stop rushing through my life as if it was a race and I'd get a prize for finishing first (in my age category!). I want to treasure the view of the lake from my office window and imagine my fella and I canoeing there when the weather clears up. I want to be here now because I know I must be present to win.

Life is hurtling along - haven't written here for ages. I'm back at work and loving it. And I'm going up to Nutshimit in two weeks - with my fella and the pooch too. The fella is going to cook and I'm going to be a counselor as I am here. There is a whole different team that goes up on the land usually but a bunch of the staff are going on a yearly pilgrimage so we're filling in. Yay! This is living in cabins, fishing, campfires, lots of sharing and just being on the land. I'm really looking forward to it as it is an important part of this family program that I've never experienced.

The week before we go I'm involved in a group artist show in the town where I live. There are about six or eight of us showing work. I'm going to have eight photos printed. Next year I hope to do some of my other work - paintings and drawings but no time this year.

And later on this summer I'm hoping the fella, pooch and I will go to Red Bay for a long weekend.

Meanwhile, no looking ahead, no looking behind. Just being awake. Here's a photo of the road into Red Bay...


  1. Just checked out the bird - Yellow Rumped Warbler!

    1. I will probably never get to Labrador, so it's great to see your photos!
      The "camping" trip sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

    2. I have to rush through life because there is so much not done and I might die tomorrow. But I admit the white wild rose bush I saved from extinction is now huge and damn glorious, and I did stop and smell it yesterday afternoon. I missed you even when beside you but am happy you will have this trip.

    3. Thanks you two...and stubblejumpin gal - never say never!

  2. I think it's so important to be aware - to notice things. As you say, to be awake. It's so easy to have 'tunnel vision' that we forget what's right there, sometimes.

  3. Love that, to be awake. And Red Bay - it's been on my wish list for a while. Need to do something about that. I am far too filled up with too much stuff at the moment. the signs were there today when the unexpected threw me for a loop. Unexpected people dropping by and then my guests were 3 hours early!

  4. I'm so pleased to come by Jan. To be in the moment, awake, yet knowing that the past is part of the present.

  5. And the photograph is so beautiful I meant to say.

  6. And the photograph is so beautiful I meant to say.