Wednesday, 22 July 2015

1st Annual Aurora Art Show

Tonight our show opens in North West River. I have eleven photographs in the show. They are all Labrador photos - seven are of the beach in front of our home. I'm excited and thrilled at the whole process so far. It was great finding a good printer and deciding on a workable size (13 x 19). I have two of them framed and more frames coming for those who want that option. I'm happy with the prices and how I displayed them. I like the group of artists that I'm working with - and that I got all the publicity done in time. We're having wine (partridge berry and boxed), cheese, fruit and crackers. We have a schedule of who will man (or woman) the show through its one week run. Now let's get this show on the road. Well, not really, but up and at em. I hope we get a good crowd. The reason we're doing it this week is that NWR hosts an annual beach festival and lots and lots of folks will swell the usual 500 residents. People come home for the festival - though we did have some bad news. Apparently Dr. Hook broke his foot and won't be coming. Dang. Don't know what he needs his foot for anyway! But there will be lots of great local music so no problemo. Truth? I don't really care for Sylvia's Mother or On the Cover of the Rolling-Stone so...

Here's a sneak preview...


  1. Enjoy the show! Maybe you'll post some of those photos and the goings-on at the gallery? Yes I know, I'm being greedy ... .

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Jan! I really do hope you'll post 'photos from the show.

  3. Hi you two - it was a great evening. Good turnout (about 60 folk moved through) and good chat and food and art. What could be better. Now, as to sharing photos - I'll put some I took AT the show but probably not too many of the ones that I put up in the show. Why? Because this is where they mostly all came from anyway. I had 12 photos in the show. About nine of them are of the beach in North West River. There is one interior (a church in the nearby tiny community of Mud Lake), one of abandoned equipment along side the Churchill River, one of the Pinware River - which is about 400 kilometres from here.

  4. Wonderful Jan, I am so glad it was successful - I do love the last picture, it certainly speaks to me.

    I remember Dr. Hook playing at lunchtime at some dim lunch time bar in Yorkville in TO before he became famous, so he must be older than me, I would think :)