Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Reflections on the trip out

I finally got my photos in okay shape in the computer from the trip we took from Labrador back to Nova Scotia via Newfoundland. I took over 400 photos and I was having some trouble with my computer back in N.S. so decided I'd wait til I was here to work with them. I'll post a few tonight and then some in the oncoming days ...

These first ones are from the first day - North West River to Red Bay, Labrador - 700 kilometers of gravel road. It was, luckily, a rainy day, so no dust and I thought it was quite atmospheric... they aren't in any particular order...but the loveliest (in my opinion) are the ones as you approach Red Bay...a very ancient Basque whaling port.

yes, an iceberg!

this is the approach to Red Bay - isn't it just fabulous?

 these two (above and below) are from the hill behind the wee house we stayed in at Red Bay

and here is the house!

this is also from behind that house - the tipi looking structures are how Labradorians stack wood.

this is the bad part of the road as there is construction but so delightfully strange I didn't give a care! Just more time to take photos...

this is in Mary's Harbour where you can get a ferry to Battle Harbour (an island and restored historical site)

this is earlier in the day - see how nice the rain keeps the road?


  1. Oh, Jan, those 'photos are breathtaking!! What a journey you had! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. So atmospheric. Nature in all her glory. Thanks Jan ..